Apple And Samsung Have Renewed Settlement Talks Over Patent Infringement



Even though Apple was awarded $1 billion last summer during its patent infringement case against Samsung, the two tech giants still aren’t done fighting, but there’s hope that a deal can be made as the two sides have renewed their talks to reach a settlement.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two companies been having closed door discussions for some time now, after Apple refused to settle out of court last year. The settlement talks have even yielded a few face-to-face meetings Samsung’s hometown of Seoul, South Korea.

According to the report, Apple and Samsung nearly reached an agreement back in February of this year, but the deal hit a snag and talks started to cool down.

Samsung offered Apple a broad cross-licensing deal to settle the disagreement, but it doesn’t appear that Apple was interested in such a deal. Apple offered Samsung its own deal back in September after the court awarded Apple $1 billion, but the two have been going back and worth ever since.


Source: WSJ

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