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Tough, Waterproof Pouches Let You Take Your iDevices Anywhere — Even The Filthy Beach



I hate the beach: It’s full of dirty sand, sweaty half-naked men and polluted with the sound of bad radio stations. It’s exactly like your average building site in fact, and we don’t go and lie in the sun on those.

But in July in Barcelona, the beach is one of the few places you can go to cool down and feel a breeze. It’s also just about the most dangerous place to take your electronic gadgets.

And that’s where these Cloudcover weatherproof cases come in.

The cases are made by bike apparel people Showers Pass, and they have a few neat bike-related touches. They’re like over-engineered zip-lock bags, and they come sized for iPhones, iPads, Kindles and even fat Android phones.

The edges are welded plastic and the closure uses a dual zip-lock to keep water and dust on the outside. Capacitive touch screens work through the plastic, and there’s a carabiner hole for hooking the bag to, say, the side of a kayak.

I have a few less-heavy-duty bags that I use to take my Kindle or iPad mini to the beach (although the mini never actually gets used as you can’t see it in the sun), and I find them essential. It’s pretty neat to be able to read the Kindle on the beach and not worry about sea, sand or sunscreen. And the Cloudcovers also have a reflective strip to help find them with a flashlight in the dark.

Want one? They’re not as cheap as a pack of zip-lock baggies, but they’ll last a lot longer. They run from $25 for an iPhone case up to $50 for the full-sized iPad. Available later this month.

Source: Showers Pass
Via: Urban Velo