Social Link-Sharing Service Potluck Launches iOS App





Potluck, a link-sharing service made by the same people behind Branch, announced today that its bringing its social network to the iPhone today with a brand new iOS app.

Rather than focusing on likes and retweets, Potluck is trying to position itself as a casual social network in hopes of drawing out the “lurkers” who usually sit back and read everyone else’s posts rather than engaging.

The central experience of Potluck is built around sharing and discussing links between a small number of friends, kind of like a more intimate version mix of Twitter and Digg. A desktop version has been available for the past two months, but the company says it sees Potluck as truly mobile experience and plans to release an Android app as well.


Here are the full release notes:

Potluck is the best house party you’ve ever been to — on the internet.

Potluck is a place for you and your friends to hang out and talk about cool things you find online.


Be yourself: On Potluck, you’re not judged how many retweets or likes you get.

Share stress-free: Just share cool things — don’t worry about spamming your friends!

Meet new friends: Like a real life house party, meeting friends-of-friends on Potluck is fun.

Source: iTunes