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Squito, A Throwable Panoramic Camera



Ever thrown your camera up in the air in self-timer mode in order to catch a shot from a new angle? No, me neither – I’m no dummy when it comes to using-and-not-abusing my gadgets. But with the Squito, you don’t have to worry about breaking anything – it’s rugged ball with a panoramic camera inside, and it’s designed to be thrown.

The website is super-lame, aimed at garnering investment rather than enticing prospective users. But who cares? This is a camera you can throw. What’s more, it’s stabilized, and has sensors so it knows where it is and which way it’s facing.

The obvious use is to toss it in the air and grab some neat selfies, but you could use it for more serious applications too: making a quick accurate map of a construction site, say, or — I don’t know – making an awesome selfie? I can’t really think of anything else.

And the Squito selfie camera is just the start: inventor Steve Hollinger already has some scarier stuff in the works for the Squito platform:

Darkball, a throwable night/dark/smoke/fog reconnaissance camera, will be equipped for real-time wireless transmission of panoramic near IR and thermal video.

Darkball! It sounds like an early ’90s techno-horror flick (which is cool btw). And imagine adding the Darkball to your already bristling armory. You could suit up in SWAT gear, strap on your night-vision goggles and toss the Darkball into, uh, your neighbor’s den, letting you catch him watching movies and drinking beer with his friends and why weren’t you invited? OH GOD PLEASE DON’T SHOOT.

That’ll teach him.

Source: Serveball
Thanks: Steve