Editorial, Like Pythonista For Text



Ole Zorn, the super-villain[1] behind the amazing Pythonista for iOS, has just started teasing his newest app – a Markdown text editor for the iPad. Only unlike all the other Markdown editors, this one is looks like it’s as programmable as Pythonista. I’m getting pretty excited.

Pythonista lets you write and run Python scripts on your iPad. It includes all kinds of Python libraries so you can use it to process images and text, and pretty much program it the way you can program any computer.

Editorial promises the same, only it’s for text. You can build “workflows” that will process text to do all kinds of things, from searching the currently highlighted text in Safari, to – you guessed it – running a python script on your documents. Maybe it’ll even offer a clipboard history.

I have slowly been moving things back to the Mac since a case of “gorilla arm” stopped me from writing full-time on the iPad, but I still much prefer writing on the tablet to writing on the Mac. Even so, there are some neat tricks that work on the Mac that don’t work on the iPad that maybe Editorial could help with. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Source: OleMoritz

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  1. With a name like that, how could he not be?  ↩