Saidoka iPhone Dock Is So Minimal You Really Don’t Need It



The Saidoka is both ingenious and utterly superfluous, both at the same time. It’s an iPhone dock designed to let your iPhone lay almost face-up, letting you charge it and use it when you’re sitting at your desk. It comes in 30-pin and Lightning flavors, and hooks up to a charger or computer via micro-USB.

You know what else keeps your iPhone say on your desk and facing upwards as it charges? Nothing? That is, you can put nothing under your iPhone and it’ll do the exact same thing. And neither will it cost you €50/$50.

If you do feel that you need to raise the iPhone a little off the desk, then each and every iPhone comes with its own Saidoka-like stand – the box it ships in. And docks have become even less useful in the age of the tight-fitting Lightning connector, which requires two hands to both engage and remove the plucky plug: no longer can we just lift our iPhones from the dock and go.

Still, it does look nice I guess.

Source: Bluelounge
Via: MinimalMac