Add A Custom Station To iTunes Radio In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]



iTunes Radio is here – and it’s looking pretty cool. One of the more Pandora-like options in iTunes Radio is the ability to create a station based on your favorite artist or song, and even mix and match artists for a custom bunch of songs you can play uninterrupted, like, well, radio. You can even tell iTunes Radio what songs or artists not to play in the mix, as well as manage which types of songs (Top Hits, Mix, Discovery) from each artist to play.

Here’s how to add a new artist or song to iTunes Radio in iOS 7 beta.

Launch your Music app with a tap on your iOS 7 beta device, and then tap on the Radio icon in the lower left corner. You can choose from one of the predefined stations at the top, like “Artists Currently On Tour,” “If you like Justin Timberlake,” “Best of the iTunes Festival,” and more.

To create a custom station, tap the big pink Plus sign above the words, “Add a station.” You can choose a genre from the list that shows up, or you can type in an Artist, Genre, or Song in the text field at the top. Once you type in your chosen artist, you’ll see that artist’s Radio station. Tap on it in the search results, and iTunes Radio will just start playing.

To edit the station, tap the Edit button on the main iTunes Radio page. You’ll go to the Edit Stations page, where you can tap on a Station to edit it. You can also add a New Station from this screen.

You can change the name of the station at the top, add a new Artist, Song, or Genre to add some variety and depth to the station. Just tap the plus button above the current Artist or Song info. In a brilliant piece of design, you can also tap the Never Play This plus button, keeping stuff you hate hearing from your carefully designed station. Because, honestly, who wants to hear butt rock when you’re trying ot listen to Led Zeppelin? Not me.