Big iOS Titles Go Free As App Store Celebrates Fifth Anniversary


Apple has lost its third appeal for ownership of the term App Store in Oz. Photo: Apple
The App Store celebrates its firth anniversary this week.
  • jeffythequick

    They’re all free, at least now. Just downloaded them all, and they all said, “Free”.

    Have fun!

  • mark_hunte_

    in iTunes clicking on the “5 years of the App Store” banner at the top of the App Store will take you to these Apps

  • rigit_digit

    lame-o apps. they should have made some of their own crap apps like pages, numbers, etc free for 1 day.

  • Steven Quan

    Over is a great app. I’m surprised they included this one. If you don’t already have it, I would download it ASAP.

  • brahseth

    Got them all just now for free. Thanks for this post.