Orée Board Keyboard Could Double As A Cheeseboard



Recently on Twitter, our deputy editor John “pipe and slippers” Brownlee posted a picture of his Mac keyboard, with wooden tiles stuck to the keycaps. It was utterly hideous, and yet completely in keeping with John’s fetish for anything made of wood. It was the real-world equivalent green felt or rich Corinthian leather.

This all-wood keyboard, on the other hand, is pretty gorgeous. It comes from French company Orée, it’s called the Orée Board and it costs a steep-ish €150 ($193).


The Orée Board is wireless, and totally customizable. You can pick what markings you want on the keys (as someone who switches almost daily between keyboards marked with UK, German and Spanish layouts, I can appreciate this feature) and even choose to have some illustrations by a Barcelona-based designer tattooed along the top of the function keys.

And there’s more. The Orée Board can be had with an optional case which unfurls to create a stand for your iPad, much like the Origami case, only much nicer looking.

Sadly, in the fight against RSI, I just took delivery of a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000, so there is (literally)[1] no space left on my desk for this lovely wooden number. Otherwise I’d be sending off my Euros, or waiting for one of the pop-up shops to appear in a city near me.

Source: Orée Design
Via: The Verge

  1. This thing is huge. I think I could even use it as a surfboard.  ↩