See The Apps That Use The Most Power In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]



When you’re galavanting about with your MacBook Air or Pro, it’s important to manage you battery power. It just wouldn’t do to show up for an important meeting or interview with a dead battery, let alone not being able to watch a movie on the airplane, now would it?

Knowing which apps are sucking up the most juice is key to this effort, of course, and OS Mavericks beta makes it severely easy to know which ones are the most power-hungry. That way, you can quit the apps that are using up too much battery in order to leave enough power for the important stuff.

Here’s how it works.

All you really need to do to see which apps are using the most power is to click on the little battery icon in the upper right hand corner of your Mac’s screen.

You’ll now see a new section, labeled “Apps Using Significant Energy,” showing the top energy-using apps that are currently running on your Mac.

If any of these apps in the list aren’t apps you need right at the moment, quitting them should significantly decrease your Macbook’s power drain, letting you spend just a little bit more time using it for that important presentation or document for your boss. Or even that next game level you’re trying to beat. You know, whatever.

Via: Tips and Tricks in Mavericks
Image: Ruben Engels