Apple Just Hired The Former CEO Of Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent For ‘Special Projects’


from YSL to AAPL, Paul Deneve was Apple's first big fashion hire of the year, but not the last
from YSL to AAPL, Paul Deneve was Apple's first big fashion hire of the year, but not the last

Apple just hired one of the biggest CEOs in fashion to work on some “special projects” under CEO Tim Cook. Maybe to add a touch of fashion to an upcoming iWatch?

According to a report from Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano, former Yves Saint Laurent CEO, Paul Deneve is heading to Apple to work as a new VP reporting directly to Tim Cook, but he won’t be filling Apple’s vacant seat for Head of Retail.

Apple released the following statement regarding the hire:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Deneve to Apple. He’ll be working on special projects as a vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook.”

Paul Deneve actually worked for Apple from 1990-1997 as the sales and marketing manager of Apple Europe before launching out into the fashion world.

Rumors of Apple’s iWatch have started to heat up again lately as Apple trademark filings for the name “iWatch” have been discovered in five different countries. It’s possible that Deneve will be working to make the iWatch look more fashionable.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Whodakat

    Whatever special projects Apple has for this guy, they have to be pretty amazing for a CEO of a very successful, and well known fashion house to quit and take a VP job. CEOs tend to be the type of people that enjoy being in charge, probably why he answers only to Tim Cook. In my mind, the only type of pull that makes a successful CEO take a VP job is if they think they might get to somehow put their mark on this world. For instance, your creation being on 300,000,000 (or more) wrists. It would seem stupid not to assume he will have something to do with design, so I wonder how he will mesh with Jony, as I thought he had the last word on design. I suppose its naive to think Jony wants to grow old and die making my Apple gear, but I sure hope this isn’t a replacement in the making.

  • Jonathan Ober

    Wearable ipods, iphones, and ipads coming soon. Whether it’s the iWatch or iTime or iWris[t] or Apple’s answer to Google Glasses who knows.