Breather Will Find You A Short-Term Private Office Space From Your iPhone



Anyone who’s ever worked from home knows that sometimes you just have to get out away from your home office and change things up. If you don’t like hanging out at coffee shops, or paying for a co-working space though, there’s a new iPhone app called Breather that offers short-term access to clean, classy office spaces with a desk, couch, and Wifi, for about $20 an hour. Basically, it’s like Zipcar only for office spaces.

The magic of the service is that, like Zipcar, there’s no hassle to get into your rented space. Once you’ve reserved a room you can just walk up to the door and it will unlock at the press of button. No secretary to give you a key. No ID needed or forms to sign. Everything happens on your iPhone.

Here is Breather’s promo video:


In an interview with FastCo, Breather’s founder and CEO, Julen Smith, says that the app/service will launch in New York by October and San Francisco later in the year, but Smith says the company will move out to smaller places as time goes on.


Source: Breather


Via: FastCo

  • TechBell

    I see this as being a very convenient option for drug dealers… just saying.

  • emmmm

    So people are going to be fucking in these from day one, right?

  • Scott Townsend

    Man, make a list of all the illicit things that will be happening in that Office Space. Yeeeeeaaaah, Lumberg’s gonna need you to go ahead and read the rulebook first, he’ll send you another copy of that memo…