This Might Be The First Photo Of The iPhone 5S Display On An Assembly Line



G4Games has posted a photo from the Chinese blogging site Weibo which allegedly shows the iPhone 5S front display on an assembly line.

We’ve seen a few pictures of the iPhone 5S front display, but until now, no one has seen these parts actually on an assembly line.

While the pictures are surely a sign Apple is making progress on the manufacturing end of the iPhone 5S, that does not guarantee iPhone 5S launch is coming within the next few weeks. It takes months of lead time to make enough iPhones for a launch, so we have no reason to expect an earlier iPhone launch than the currently rumored timeframe of this Fall.

Source: G4Games

  • cfrincon

    Apple needs to scrap this whole notion of an “S” update and just call it a refresh in the same manner they did with the 4th gen iPad. In fact they should just drop the whole numbering scheme all together, same as they did with the Macbook’s. There’s hardly any need for much fanfare so far as I’m concerned the iPhone 5 is the best piece of hardware/software out there and the iPhone 4/4S still sell like hot rolls!

  • zviivz

    The phone on the left looks wider.

  • technochick

    If that photo is legit someone just lost a very lucrative gig. Maybe not for the immediate future but you can bet when the next Apple thing comes up, someone is out.

  • Zod Buster

    Big deal.. I have pictures of the recycled cardboard the new iPhone 5S boxes will be made of, strangely no one is interested..