The Tile Finally Gets Device Tagging-And-Tracking Right



There are tons of iPhone-detectable device trackers, widgets that let you find your lost items using an app. But the Tile might just be the first one to get it all right. It will let you find things you lost down the back of the sofa, but it also has some other killer features.

Tile is a tiny plastic square that you can stick to anything, toss into a bag or attach via its handy corner hole. You can pair up to ten Tiles with your account, and once activated they last a year (the sealed unit has a non-replaceable battery). The on-phone readout tells you how far away you are, and you can even share a tile with others, letting you all track the TV remote, say (or – as the video shows – let men find your bra(?)).

But the real killer app – apart from the set-and-forget nature of the design – is that if you lose a tile you can set it to alert mode. Then, if any other Tile user’s iPhone passes by your Tile, it’ll detect it and send you a location fix. That’s pretty awesome, right? Add one of these to your bike and you can track it even if it’s stolen.

The Tiles are available for pre-order at $19 apiece, with the price dropping if you order more. They’ll launch in the U.S and Canada, and hopefully roll out over the feast of the world soon. I can’t wait.

Source: Tile