Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 2 To Developers





The iOS 7 beta 2 just drop today – true to our prediction – and  is now available to developers. The first iPs and iPad mini betas for iOS 7 were also released this morning. The update can be installed over the air or downloaded directly from the Dev Center

Here are the download links:

iOS 7 beta 2 Downloads



  • Jonathan Ober

    Is it my eyes or do I see ipad beta is out too??? I am downloading it now.

  • yourgeekneeds

    I can’t wait to play with this on my iPad!

  • iPhone4Jay

    Must have 50% battery to install. I didnt even know a device with iOS 7 could have 50% battery.

  • Mxidis88

    voice memo app is back…

  • ridwan47

    phix dose goddam iconz apol

  • DJBabyBuster

    Glad the icons haven’t changed. Been enjoying iOS 7 just the way it is, minus the bugs of course.