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Best Buy Kicks Off Another Free iPhone 5 Trade-In Deal


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Best Buy has today begun a new nine-day deal that gives you $150 when you trade-in any working iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. That’s enough to cover the cost of a brand new 16GB iPhone 5 on a two-year contract with a $50 instant rebate, which means there couldn’t be a better time to upgrade.

This is exactly the same deal that Best Buy offered earlier this month for just one day, but it was so successful, it is bringing it back. In fact, the June 1 promotion was Best Buy’s biggest ever day for used electronics trade-ins. And this time it’s running all the way through to June 29, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of the offer.

There are some requirements for the iPhone 5: you must be eligible for an upgrade and willing to sign a new two-year contract on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. You may also have to pay some sales tax and carrier activation fees. But aside from those things, you can get a new iPhone 5 almost free.

It’s worth noting that Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5S this fall, so don’t sign into a two-year contract now if you know you’ll want the newer model. Having said that, it’ll be a long time yet before you find that device on a deal like this.

Via: AllThingsD