Apple’s iPad Mini Ad Campaign Wins Prestigious Grand Prix Advertising Award



Apple’s clever iPad mini ads that have been featured on the back covers of Time, Wired, the New Yorker, and Surfer, were just awarded one of the most prestigious advertising award in the world today.

The Apple iPad mini campaign by TBWA Media Arts Lab won the Grand Prix in press even though the iPad mini has been viewed by many as the device that will eventually kill newspapers and magazine. To get the top prize, Apple beat out strong competition from Dove and Beijing Sports.

Marcello Serpa, chief creative officer at Almap BBDO presided over the judging and had the following explanation for why Apple won:


“It has a kind of guerrilla feeling. It’s a product that goes inside the media and says I’m going to kill you, [then] I’m going to save you. Let’s embrace. It’s redemption.”

Print is a magical medium, inside a frame. If an idea is there, it pops up. There’s no case video, no music.

Source: AdAge