New Vine Features And Designs Teased By Creators With… Vines


Vine logo

Not to be outdone by Instagram’s reported video product that’s set to debut tomorrow, Vine has started teasing upcoming features and design tweaks. Co-founders Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov have posted a couple of Vines that seem to point towards some pretty big additions, like the ability to record multiple Vines at once and save drafts.

Special video categories also seem to be in the works, allowing users to browser content based on different genres that would assumedly be curated by Vine/Twitter staff. Instead of letterboxed videos within the Vine app, a future version will likely bring make videos fill the full width of the iPhone’s screen to create a more immersive experience.

Take a look at the Vines below and use your detective skills to uncover what’s coming:

Via: AllThingsD

  • JacksMacintosh

    I’m thinking maybe importing video? (If you can’t already.. I don’t make vines)
    And the ability to make a video longer than 6 seconds, and cutting it down later
    Just as you can make a tweet longer than 140, but have to cut it down before publishing it.