Steve Wozniak Powers Up A Rare Working Apple 1


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Steve Wozniak was the first guy to power up the vintage Apple I, the computer that gave the world Apple, Inc. and lead to all the products that followed: the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and more.

Now Steve Wozniak is powering up the Apple 1 again, this time ceremonially for the History San Jose Museum.

Although only about fifty Apple 1s are known to exist, the History San Jose Museum managed to get their hands on one, with engineers volunterring to help tweak the almost forty-year-old machine to get it in working nick.

Once it was working, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak dropped by on Tuesday to personally power it up for the first time. And Woz was delighted to see that other Apple collectors had brought their own Apple 1s to the event too.

“In personal computers, I think this is probably the most historic day ever,” he said. “To have 5 Apple 1s on one table. I didn’t think of grabbing mine until just as I walked out the door. Hey — why not?”

The Apple 1 is one of the most valuable items of computer memorabilia out there. Only 50 are known to exist, and the last one to be sold at auction went for $670,000. That’s quite a lot of money in old, obsolete computers resting on that table.

Source: KQED