Simple Bank Brings Smart “Goals” Budgeting To Beautiful iPhone App


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Simple, a great bank I’ve been using for the past several months, has brought its “Goals” budgeting feature to the iPhone. If you haven’t checked out Simple as a banking alternative yet, then go do that now because it will entice you. The whole service is exquisitely designed on web and mobile, and the customer support is top notch (there’s an open ticket to chat with a real Simple employee right in the app, if that says anything).

While Simple still has some growing to do, it got better today. Goals helps you manage your money on the go so you don’t go broke buying overpriced lattes and such.

I’ll let Simple explain:

Goals is a flexible tool we’ve built to help you save and budget effortlessly and painlessly. Goals can automatically set aside a little each day for larger expenses–and then when it comes time to buy, you’ve already got the money tucked away. Or, use it for envelope-style budgeting–set aside chunks of money so you can give yourself spending limits and keep tabs on how much you’ve spent.

We pair that with Safe-to-Spend, which subtracts your Goals and upcoming payments from your available balance to give you an accurate picture of how much you canreally spend. Together, Safe-to-Spend and Goals give you an easy but powerful way to organize your finances and encourage saving you might not be able to do otherwise.

Simple’s budgeting stuff is really slick, and it has already worked on the web for quite some time. There’s no need for a separate budgeting app on the iPhone now. See something you want to buy? Start a Goal in Simple and dictate how much money goes into the fund on which days of the month. You’re not creating separate banking accounts, just balances.

If you’re an existing Simple user, then the update is now available in the App Store. The service is in closed beta, so you can also request an invite if you’re interested in trying it out.

Source: Simple Blog