You Can Already Turn The New Mac Pro Into A Supercomputer With This Server Rack



Apple hasn’t even announced a price tag or release date for the tiny new Mac Pro machines that were unveiled at WWDC, but that’s not stopping one company from creating a Mac Pro server rack that will turn Apple’s new pro machines into a supercomputer.

The new cylindrical design of the Mac Pro makes it perfect for linking to other Mac Pros to form a supercomputer, and MacStadium announced that it has created a rack that can hold 270 Mac Pros but only occupies 12 square-feet of floor space.

“The MacStadium POD is a pressurized environment allowing the Mac Pro servers to effortlessly draw in conditioned air from the central chamber, and expel it thru its unified thermal core.

Each server is provided redundant power, cooling, and a full Gigabit of Internet connectivity, all backed by live 24×7 support ensuring 100% uptime for even the most advanced implementations.”

Pricing is supposed to start out at $45 a month, but availability won’t be determined until Apple actually releases the Mac Pro.

Source: MacStadium

Via: MacWorld