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Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite Is Now Available (And Compulsory) To All



Adobe has today made its complete Creative Cloud suite available to all as it migrates to a compulsory subscription-only model. It’s been a controversial move that a lot of Adobe users aren’t happy with, but as of today, the only way to use Adobe’s apps is to bite the bullet and sign up to the $50 per month plan.

There are some promotional discounts to “celebrate” the launch — for example, existing Creative Suite customers can get their first year for $30 per month — and there are special price plans for teams, students and teachers, and those who want to use just one application from the suite.

But gone are the days when you could purchase Photoshop for one set fee and claim outright ownership of it. There are some benefits to this approach, of course. Adobe promises a ton of new features, and when new versions of each app become available, you’ll get them as part of your plan — no more paying to upgrade to the latest release.

“We’ve added a ton of new innovation to all our CC desktop apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media at Adobe, in a press release today. “These apps include new features that increase productivity, streamline the effort to build mobile content and showcase some stunning new imaging and video science.

“And in addition to the traditional areas of innovation these apps are now connected to the powerful publishing and community features integral to the Creative Cloud experience. And with even more great updates coming to Creative Cloud throughout the year, we can’t wait to see the incredible work our customers are going to deliver.”

There are other benefits to Creative Cloud, too, including the ability to store files and assets in the cloud and work on them collaboratively with colleagues. Every user gets 20GB of cloud-bases storage as standard with their subscription.

But not all customers are happy with the new subscription model. Over 32,000 of them have signed a petition against the move on

“You should support this petition because Adobe is making their already expensive products even more expensive in the long run,” the petition reads. “Adobe is robbing small business, freelancers, and the average consumer. They do not seem to understand that every company is a not multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation that has an infinite amount of resources.”

For now, Adobe shows no signs of backing down.

Source: Adobe