Moment Gives You Access To Facebook From Your Mac’s Menubar



I’ve tried multiple Mac menubar apps for accessing Facebook, and they’ve all been ugly and clunky when compared with Moment, a recently released OS X app from Tapmates.

Moment sits in your Mac’s menubar and gives you quick access to sharing on Facebook and viewing notifications. It’s beautifully designed, simple, and unobtrusive.

There are two main aspects of Moment: sharing and notifications. You can post a simple status, tag friends, and add links/photos/videos by dragging and dropping into the menubar. Incoming notifications are displayed in the window, and you can click each one to open it in your browser. The app’s icon turns a lovely shade of red whenever you have unread notifications. Clicking the tiny Facebook icon on the bottom right of the window opens up your news feed on the web.

I like that Moment doesn’t try to accomplish too much right out the gate. It’s a very good tool for keeping a tab on notifications and quickly sharing status updates. I’ve had it running in my personal Mac’s menubar for weeks, and I don’t plan on removing it any time soon.

Moment is available in the Mac App Store for $4. An update will be released soon that brings additional features, like groups and privacy lists.

Source: Mac App Store

  • christophirefl

    Wow looks rather promising. Best of its kind I’ve seen so far, really planing on getting it hehe. ; )

  • OttoKa

    I love when ignorant, uneducated americans keep thinking that Europe is a country.

  • Confusion_Lives

    Not sure why they bothered with the DSLR and Mac, they could’ve done this on the iPhone and uploaded it whilst walking around. Let’s face it, for Facebook upload the iPhone 5 pictures would be more than ample. Nice App, they just sold it all wrong.