Why iOS 7 Is A “Work In Progress” And The New Features *You* Love On The CultCast



With one WWDC special episode already already under our belts, you think we’d be good, but with so much great hardware and software coming out of Apple’s big 90-minute keynote, we had to make the pleasure last.

Join us for another new CultCast, this time with Wired writer and special guest Christina Bonnington, as we discuss our favorite iOS 7 features and why its current look is still a big “a work in progress.” Plus—we asked, you answered—we’ll read your thoughts on iOS 7’s radical new look and the new features you love.

All that and more on this week’s second CultCast! Stream or download our new and past episodes on your Mac or iDevice by subscribing now on iTunes, or hit play below and let the good times roll. Show notes up next!

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CultCast #77 – Lady Edition

On The CultCast this week

Erfon Elijah – Cult of Mac writer, host of The CultCast, inappropriate gym grunter.
Alex Excelsior Heath – Cult of Mac writer, actor, alien probe expert.
Buster Heine – Cult of Mac writer, community manager, and professional beard crafter.
Christina BonningtonWired writer and co-host of the Gadget Lab podcast.

  • FriarNurgle

    Nice episode. Great to hear Chrissy B. She classed things up a bit.

    Used iRadio on iOS7 beta for a loooong time last night and no ads… yet. Unfortunately Skype app does not work.

  • FriarNurgle

    I’ll leave this here for Balki fans


  • rigit_digit

    That episode was a sleeper. It’s much better with just Erfon, Buster and Leander. Any more than 3 people and you start talking/tripping over each other.

  • Tony Davies

    Drink every time Christina says “you know”.