A Visual Walkthrough Of iOS 7 With GIFs



The new interface of iOS 7 has become one of the most polarizing Apple software releases since the iPhone came out six years ago. Some users think some of the UI elements look childish and boring, but there are a ton of new details and feature that make using iOS feel new again (for better or worse).

iOS 7 was just released to the public, but there are so many new additions it can be hard to keep track of it all, so we’ve complied this walkthrough of all the new little iOS 7 features, in GIF form:


(note: GIFs may take a few seconds longer to display depending on your internet speed)

Keypad buttons sink into your background iOS7keypadthing

Scott Forstall’s Passbook ticketshredder is gone noshredderinPassbook

Swipe to delete in the Email app


Active Timers now appear on the lock screen


 There’s a scale in Maps when you’re zooming


Control Center!



Swipe up to clear banner notifications

via Reddit


Spotlight from any page


GameCenter now has  big bouncing balls


There’s a level in the compass app too iOS7level

New download animations in the App Store


Cute rolling X’s turn into ‘Clear’ buttons in the new Notification Center




Simplified Calendar



Equalizers in Music app




Add lustworthy apps to Wishlist



Toggle music controls and the clock on the homescreen


 Closing apps can be done in a flash


Read super-long texts in full-screen mode


Jony Ive’s Magical iOS 7 Icon Grid


iOS 7 app icons are a little skinnier


New charging animation is tiny



Downloading apps in-progress


Passbook passes appear as passes when attached to emails.


Safari finally got a unified search bar


Voice Memos



…and the greatest new feature of iOS 7


  • dustin91

    I’ve also noticed that app openings are directional now, and don’t just come from the center… as though the app grows outward from its icon’s location on the screen.

  • Eric

    I’m surprised after all these years, Apple still hasn’t included a “Select All” option in the Mail app. You still have to individual select to do batch function. Like marking all as Read.

  • MorningZ

    lol… i thought “awesome! i can put news stand in some folder now”…. one of my fav features of the new OS… it’s like i was running jailbroken iOS 6 *just* to hide that completely unused app….. i’m loving 7 so far except some apps refuse to work on it (like the Google+ app)

  • PJMAN2952

    These gifs are really cool.

  • davidvkimball

    Super helpful GIFs for new users! Well done!

  • Eric

    Not sure it’s the “greatest feature” in iOS 7, but the folders in folder is pretty awesome. Would solve the clutter and multiple pages I currently have. The one thing they didn’t include (from what I haven’t read or seen), is the “select all” option when in Mail. ie. select all to mark as read, instead of selecting each email one by one, then marking all as read.

  • welladriansays

    i’m having real trouble swiping up to get control centre? works maybe one in ten trys? have it on ipads 2+4 and iphone 5 – swiping down for notifications, no problem.
    imessage looks completely horrible

  • rigit_digit

    I’ve been on the beta for a few weeks now and I’ll give this advice to the newbies of iOS7. Give it a week and it will grow on you. Like anything new, you’re going to find things you like and dislike, but before you start hating, hold off 1 week then see how you feel.

  • tavozapatareus

    jajjajaj the last one is one that i have been waiting for

  • Eric

    The folder within a folder (“..greatest new feature in iOS 7”), doesn’t work on the 4S. Neither does the Motion view.