Kubxlab’s Ultra-Skinny Wooden iPhone 5 Case Weighs The Same As A Nickel



According to the fine folks at Kubxlab, there are three kinds of wood in this world: Light Wood, Dark Wood, and Brown Wood. And – as luck would have it – all three are available as materials for Kubxlab’s Ultra Thin iPhone Case.

And it really is thin. Weighing in at just 0.399mm (0.016 inches, thus proving how useless inches are as a measurement), and 5 grams (0.01 pounds – ditto), this is just about the lightest case I have ever written about.

And, like the case itself, there’s really not much more to it that that. Except for the inevitable bad joke of course. I look forward to trying one of these cases out for review, just as I always enjoy it whenever anyone gives me wood.

Source: Kubxlab