Jony Ive Is So Obsessive He Gave iOS 7 Icons The Same Rounded Corners As The iMac



As the new Director of Human Interface, Jony Ive has gone from making beautifully beveled Macs, to redesigning iOS into a multi-layered Parallax operating system. By drawing from his deep well of hardware design brilliance, Jony brought a lot of his hardware philosophies to iOS, and the Messages app icon shows just how insanely detailed Jony can get.

As discovered by Brad Ellis, Jony made sure that the Messages icon’s corners have the same tapered edges which can be found on the iMac and other Apple products.

The difference is just a small number of pixels that most users would probably never notice, so Brad created his awesome comparison GIF so you can actually see the changes: 


Brad notes the difference between drawing an normal rounded corner verses the rounded corners of the iOS 7 icons:

Have you guys ever tried to redraw an iMac or other Apple hardware? You might have noticed that you can’t just draw a rounded rectangle, the corners aren’t actually quarter circles. Instead they taper off gradually before becoming flat.



Source: Dribble