It’s A Go: All Major Music Labels Have Signed Off On iRadio



We’ve been hearing reports for weeks now that Apple has been slowly signing deals with the three major music publishers to launch their new streaming music service, iRadio. There was just one conspicuous holdout. Sony. But now, the deal has been inked.

AllThingsD reports that Sony Music has inked a deal to go ahead with Apple’s forthcoming iRadio service. That means there’s no more hurdles: iRadio can launch with the participation of all the major labels.

AllThingsD says there may still be small snags, though:

It’s still possible that Apple may have hurdles to clear. As of earlier this week, the company had yet to sign up Sony/ATV, Sony’s music publishing arm.

But the gaps between Sony/ATV and Apple were supposedly smaller than the ones Sony Music and Apple were looking at a few days ago.

So there you go. On Monday, expect Apple to announce their new subscription music service. iRadio will be supported by iAds, and play automatically generated music stations based upon your tastes, with full downloads of every song played only a tap away. It’s going to be huge, the perfect solution to iTunes discoverability, a streaming service that boosers — not surplants — Apple’s download business.

Source: All Things D