Plex Media Player Comes To Apple TV, No Jailbreak Required



The popular Plex media player that allows users to stream content from their computer to another device is now available on the Apple TV. The new app called PlexConnect is compatible with second- and third-generation devices, and it does not require a jailbreak for installation.

This isn’t the first time Plex has graced Apple’s $99 set-top box, but it was previously only compatible with jailbroken devices. Now the team behind the Plex client have discovered a nifty trick that allows the app to run without any hacking required.

“Enter PlexConnect,” the company writes on its blog. “… it’s a super clever little hack which allows a rich, fully-functional Plex client on un-jailbroken ATV2 and ATV3 (1080p!) devices. Essentially, you run a program on your computer which masquerades as the Trailer app. Next, change one setting on the ATV, and you’re up and running.”

The whole process takes less than two minutes, according to Plex. The client is still in the early stages of development at the moment, so it doesn’t have all of the features the other Plex client for Apple TV has. But Plex notes that because PlexConnect uses XML and JavaScript, it’s “super easy to develop for,” so anything missing shouldn’t take too long to appear.

To download PlexConnect and get instructions on how to install it on your Apple TV, just click the source link below.

Source: Plex