Brett ‘I Just Built This’ Terpstra Adds Reminders To Nvalt



Brett “I just built this” Terpstra has been at it again. Inspired by Evernote’s new reminders feature, launched last week, Brett decided to add something similar to his app NValt, itself a fork of the notable Notational Velocity. It’s called “nvremind,” and it’s pretty awesome.

Now, just by tagging a note with “@remind,” you’ll be sent a notification or an e-mail at the chosen time, and in Mountain Lion, clicking the notification will take you to the note in NValt.

Warning: This is no quick-to-run app: you’ll need to install several command-line utilities to get everything working, and set up a terminal command to run regularly (Brett provides one that will fire off every half hour) in order to actually process the text files. And as a quick reminder for the non-believers out there, NValt is an app which stores all your little notes and snippets of plain text as TXT files, although it can read other formats (and nvremind will process MD, TXT and TASKPAPER files). It also syncs with Dropbox and SimpleNote, letting you set these reminders on your iPhone, too. All you need to do is make sure there’s a date and (optional) time in the file, in proper ISO format.

There’s already an update which will add your reminder to the built-in Reminders app, and the script will change your @remind tags to @reminded to a) let you know they’re done and b) so the script won’t process them again in the future.

Want it? Dust off your terminal skills and follow the links. If you follow Brett’s instructions closely, you should be up and running in no time.

Source: Brett Terpstra