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iOS Dev Uses Passbook To Automatically Update Fans On New App



Second Gear, the creator of popular Markdown editor Elements for iOS, is currently developing a new app, and it has a novel way of updating fans on its progress.

Rather than issuing a boring newsletter via email or announcing developments on a blog, the company is offering digital Passbook passes that provide automatic updates on its progress.

Second Gear is calling the service “Pit Pass,” and anyone can sign up to it by visiting the company’s website. After completing the form and reserving your username, you’ll be issued with a Passbook pass that you can open on your iPhone.

At the moment, the pass just tells you that Second Gear’s new app is “coming soon,” but it promises to provide automatic updates on its progress. “We’re just getting started unwrapping our new app,” its description reads. “With this Pit Pass, you’ll be the first to know the details.”

At this point, then, it’s unclear what Second Gear’s new app will be. Pit Pass could be more than just a novel way of updating fans — it could also hint at Passbook support in the new app. All we know at this point, however, is that the app will require a login, and you can reserve your username now.

Source: Second Gear

Via: App Advice