Tim Cook: Maybe We Will Make A Bigger iPhone, But Not Yet


Apple sure seems a friendlier place these days. But at what cost?
Apple sure seems a friendlier place these days. But at what cost?

Analysts have been trying to convince Apple for some time that it needs a range of iPhones to better compete with rivals like Samsung, but CEO Tim Cook doesn’t agree.

During his interview at D11 last night, Cook explained to Walt Mossberg that Apple doesn’t want to become “defocused” with multiple iPhone lines. He did suggest, however, that the Cupertino company may address different consumer needs in the future.

Mossberg highlighted that Apple offers a range of iPods to suit different needs, and asked why the company doesn’t do the same thing with the iPhone. He also pointed out that a lot of consumers want bigger displays and “phablet” devices.

“It takes a lot of work, a lot of really detailed work, to do a phone right when you manage the hardware, the software, and the services around it,” Cook replied. “And we’ve chosen to put our energy in getting those right… and we haven’t become defocused in working multiple lines.”

But Cook did not rule out the possibility of that changing in the future. “Well, we haven’t made [multiple devices] so far,” he told Mossberg. “That doesn’t shut off the future.”

“Are we now at a point to serve enough people that we need to do that?” Cook added.

Cook did insist, however, that today’s iPhone Retina display is “overwhelmingly the best” display on the market, combining the best color, white balance, and brightness with good battery life and longevity. Bigger displays come with sacrifices, he said.

If you’re a fan of larger phones — as I am — then I think Cook’s comments are promising. Although it doesn’t look like Apple will make a larger iPhone in the foreseeable future, the company clearly recognizes that this may be a route it needs to take later on.

You can watch the interview below:

Source: AllThingsD

  • Steffen Jobbs

    Apple and Tim Cook can take all the time they want to work out things. Meanwhile, Samsung and the rest of the Android smartphone vendors with their “good enough smartphones” will be eating all of Apple’s smartphone market share. I feel certain that Apple knows what it is doing, but there are certain facts that will just normally take place. I’m not sure if Wall Street is more concerned about how many iPhones Apple sells or just how much of a percentage of market share Apple maintains. Either way, considering the huge amount of growth that’s going on and Apple continues to lose market share even faster, Apple is definitely getting left in the dust and I don’t think investors want to be bothered with a company like that.

    Bigger displays may have drawbacks, but apparently the average consumer isn’t as fussy as Apple is. They’re willing to overlook those drawbacks just to get a larger display. However, if Apple has certain standards, then Apple should definitely should stick to them.

  • Macinscott

    Mr. Jobbs, you’re correct about one thing – “The average consumer isn’t as fussy”. The same way that the average consumer suffers running Windows on a PC. For some reason, I find that too many people are willing to settle for “good enough”. They whine and bitch about cost, yet spend obscene amounts of money in other areas. They wouldn’t be caught dead having to spend a couple of bucks on an App, but waste several dollars on a cup of coffee every day. In short, stupid outnumbers the intelligent by a factor of 100 to one.

    That said, I would like to see Apple go to a 4.5″ screen as I hardly operate my iPhone with one hand anyway. I think any larger and it begins to get too big to comfortably fit in a pocket and looks ridiculous to hold up to your ear.

  • iSteve

    Tim said it clearly that Apple is concerned about enriching people’s lives with quality products and not about market share. That’s what Apple is all about.

    The screen of the iPhone 5 is perfect and I don’t think a larger screen will increase customer’s satisfaction and all the issues related like battery life, apps performance, etc. Apple will make a wide screen for the iPhone when they think it’s the right time. So WSJ just shut up and let Apple do their works..

    Apple set trends and others follow….
    Concerning market share, Apple will always have their loyal followers because for us, Apple is a religion.