Apple To Pay $53 Million In Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement For Faulty Liquid Sensors


A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.
A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to settle its class-action lawsuit from customers. The iPhone maker used faulty moisture indicators in both iPhones and iPods that resulted in customers’ warranty claims getting denied.

Depending on which iPhone model you’ve own, you may be eligible to receive $300 in damages from Apple, according to the federal court documents that were filed in San Francisco.

The court found that Apple’s liquid submersion indicators on iPhones and iPods could be erroneously triggered by moisture during everyday use. The faulty sensors voided the warranty of thousands of iPhones and iPods after falsely indicating that owners had damaged them by water spills or submersion.

Any customer whose warranty claims for an iPhone was denied before December 31st, 2009 on the basis of water damage, are eligible to receive settlement funds. iPod Touch users who were denied a similar claim before June 2010 are also eligible to receive damages from Apple.


Source: Bloomberg