Forget The iWatch, Here Are 11 Apple Watches You Can Buy Right Now [Gallery]




When rumors of the iWatch first surfaced, most insiders pegged its launch date for somewhere around the end of 2013 and everyone got super excited that our wrists are going to get blinged out by Apple really soon. However, lately we’ve been hearing that that might not be the case, and we won’t be able to slap Apple’s magical wrist watch on until 2014.

The unreleased iWatch isn’t the only timepiece Apple’s ever made though, so if you’re really desperate to get a watch made by Apple you totally can, but it might cost you more than your iPhone.

Here are 11 of the coolest retro Apple iWatches you can buy right now. We’ll start with the cheap stuff and work our way down:

The Trash Bin iWatch




The Mac OS iWatch





The Weird Mouse iWatch (for kids)




The Apple Bomberman iWatch




The European Stainless Steel iWatch



The iWatch




The Newton iWatch





The iMac iYum iWatch




The Apple IIGS iWatch





The Classy Apple Computer iWatch (for ladies)




The Holy-Shit-You’ve-Been-An-Apple-Employee-For-Five-Years iWatch




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2 responses to “Forget The iWatch, Here Are 11 Apple Watches You Can Buy Right Now [Gallery]”

  1. Ianthetechman says:

    Trouble is there all a little naff aren’t they ?

  2. rar745 says:

    The link to the iMac Yum watch is a duplicated link of the one for the Bomberman watch. The actual link is…

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