Apple Airs New TV Ad For iPhone: ‘Music Every Day’ [Video]


Music is what started it all for the modern Apple with the iPod back in 2001.

Today, the consumer electronics giant released a new TV ad entitled “Music Every Day.”

In it, beautiful piano music soars over images of people listening to music while exercising, traveling, dancing, connecting, sharing, going to school, and studying. People jump rope, tap their feet, sing quietly to themselves on the commuter train, or dance in their own backyards. iPhones and their ubiquitous white earbuds EarPods are seen in clubs, back pockets, hands, backpacks, and on bathroom tiles. It’s a gorgeous, well-delivered montage.

At the end of this powerful advertisement, a narrator says, gently, “Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”