Single Sheet Of Leather Folds Into $385 iPad Bag



Question: Do you associate complexity with value? That is, do you think that an object is worth more if it uses more parts in its construction? No? That’s absurd, right? But try this: the No.002 bag from Clean Everything is made from a single sheet of leather, cleverly cut and folded to form a bag. The price? €289, or $385.


To be completely accurate, the bag is made from two pieces of leather – the strap is separate. The net of the bag shows the two long strap-like sections which thread through the body to hold everything together. The bag itself is plain and unfinished on the inside – if you want pockets you’re going to have to add some of your own. The size is designed to fit an iPad, and the details are as follows:

Measures: 21cm x 25cm x 3,5cm (8.2″ x 9.8″ x 1.4″)

Shoulder strap: 115cm (45″)

There’s a bag winging its way to Cult of Mac’s Spanish outpost, so I’ll soon be able to let you know how it works as an everyday carry-all, and also how much it weighs.