This Bumper Case Has Packaging That Doubles As A Stylish Stand



The Atrio case, a Kickstarter project from Craftwerk USA, is an aluminum bumper that’ll cost you a crazy $90 (less for early-bird pitchers). But the clever twist here is that the box it comes in doublers as a stylish – and matching – iPhone stand.

One of the secret shames of the gadget indutry is packaging. On a busy day, I can fill a trashcan twice over with the packaging from the various cases and other junk that UPS and FedEx bring to my door, and I take a trip to the recycling station almost daily. Sometimes it seems that the packaging should cost more to make than the gadget inside, especially when it comes to iPhone cases.

So the Atrio is a welcome change. Instead of tossing the box in the trash, you reassemble it into a stylish and useful-looking stand for the iPhone. There are no clever gimmicks sadly – while it’ll accommodate a Lightning cable for charging the iPhone whilst docked, you’ll have to wrangle the cable every time you do it (see the video) – but the inclusion of a handsome stand with the bumper is good enough for me. Especially as many people will spend this much on a stand alone.

Want one? You’ll have to wait til at least the end of June, and that’s if the Kickstarter is successful. In the meantime, you could do what I do when I actually buy gadgets, and ignore the ones which have giant boxes. I’m looking at you, high-end SD card manufacturers…

Source: Kickstarter

Source: Craftwerk

  • mjp80mpls

    DO NOT BUY!!! I typically have 4-5 bars LTE signal on my iPhone 5. I was on the EDGE network as soon as I put this case on. Drove around with it and used it in different places and it was equally bad every where. Tried to return it and they are attempting to charge a 20% restocking claiming it isn’t defective. They supposedly tested it in some cities. I wonder why they don’t post where they have tested it. This is a garbage company selling a case that will destroy you signal. It’s FAR worse than 5-10%.