ABC Plans To Stream Live TV To Your iPhone And iPad This Week



Every major television network in the U.S. has its own iOS app that lets users watch episodes of their favorite TV shows, but ABC is revolutionizing its iOS app this week by offering live TV streaming.

ABC’s iOS app will be updated later this week to include a button called “live,” which will allow users to press it at anytime to view a live-stream of ABC’s local stations in the area.

The live-streaming update will only work for users around New York and Philadelphia at first, but ABC says it’ll be working in the six other cities it owns stations in sometime this summer. The company is also talking with its 200 affiliates to make the live button work in their markets as well.

Even though ABC stations broadcast their signals over the public airwaves for free, the live-streaming feature will only be available to users with a cable subscription.  The app will be named Watch ABC to bring it in line with parent company Disney’s other Watch Disney and Watch ESPN apps.


Source: New York Times