Apple Maps Gets 3D Flyover In Paris



Apple continues to rollout 3D Flyover support to Maps users all over the world, and it appears the features latest destination is Paris, France. Until this week, Lyon was the only French city that boasted Flyover support, but that’s no longer the case. reports that Flyover is now available in Paris, too, and that Apple has done a pretty terrific job of turning the city into a virtual work of art. Not only does it work throughout the streets of Paris, but it also extends to Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Disneyland, and L’Hay-les-Roses.

3D Flyover is one of the landmark features in Apple’s Maps app, which made its debut with iOS 6 last September. It launched with support for just a handful of cities, but over the past eight months, Apple has been quietly adding more in the background.

Back in March, it was reported that Apple had added 16 cities to Flyover since the turn of the year, including Portland, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Tulsa, and Stockton.


  • rigit_digit

    “3D Flyover is one of the landmark features in Apple’s Maps app” Yea – it should be the most important feature since it is crucial to getting from place to place….not.

    I wish Apple would spend more time on making the app actually “work” as opposed to worrying about a fly over. I’ve been using Google maps and it works. I can even find the places I need to be on time without doing a “fly over”.