$7 Cardboard iPad Cases Might Be The Cheapest Cases Ever



$7 is getting close to the lower limit on prices for iPad cases – unless you choose to make your own out of recycled materials that is. Actually, the Apple Pie iPad case is made from recycled materials. It’s a cardboard folio that’ll protect your iPad from adults and kids alike.

What I like most is that you can draw on this case, or cover it with stickers, and if you hate the results then you can just grab another one–the cases are just $7 each. Kinda: you have to buy them in packs of three.

There are even color options: plain-brown-cardboard color, or white. And of course the kids can scrawl on it as much as they like. Although getting a child to use a real ink pen or a snap-happy pencil when they have the wonders of an iPad in their hands might be a job in itself.

I’m just waiting on some smart, forward thinking company to print some of these with its logo and give them out for free instead of USB sticks. After all, when I visit a trade show these days the USB sticks from the PR folks are useless to me without a computer.

Hopefully, there should soon be some of these cases on their way to Cult of Mac’s Spanish Nerve Center for testing. I’ll need to buy me some Crayolas.

Source: Apple Pie USA

Thanks: Brant!