Apple Is Worried The Color iPhone Will Be A Dud [Rumor]



In a characteristically terse reports, the ever-spotty DigiTimes is backing up recent reports that Apple is readying a plastic 4-inch iPhone with a colorful casing… but also claiming, bizarrely, that Apple doesn’t have much faith that such an iPhone would sell.

Digitimes says that the budget iPhone, which they claim will boast a 4-inch LTPS panel and an A6 processor, is only going to have a limited production run:

Speculation currently circulating in the iPhone supply chain in Taiwan indicate that Apple plans to launch an inexpensive model targeting emerging markets with initial quarterly shipments of only 2.5-3.0 million units to test market response.

Note the 2.5-3.0 million. Now, really? Does that sound likely? Apple could slap the iPhone brand on a banana, a beetle, hell, a BlackBerry and sell more than 3 million units. And we’re not talking about any of these things: we’re talking about a cheap, affordable iPhone! The first to ever come in any color that isn’t black or white! Why would Apple think that device wouldn’t sell? It’s madness!

Source: Digitimes

  • jpaul

    It’s madness, all right. They’ve clearly gotten this wrong. Colorful iPhones will sell like hotcakes, especially if they come with a much better palette than that of the iPod Touches (who likes most of those colors, anyway?)

  • MrsCleaver

    If Apple is worried (which I seriously doubt) about the popularity of a color iPhone, they have a very simple solution to the problem: don’t make the iPhone in colors.

  • technochick

    Or this is the typical rumor game of saying something crazy and then a few months later coming up with delays etc for why the crazy was true but was changed. Production delays for the iPhone release in June, that was never going to be before Fall anyway. Now doubts about sales for these colored phones which will lead to them not releasing them when they were never going to.

    Apple might do a silver to go with black and white but no way would they ‘talk the rainbow’. Particularly in the stores. Too many skus already. They should be looking at trimming down to one sku set that covers all the phones, which they could have by using the current Verizon model if they can sort out switching CDMA carriers with a restore or such.

    I suppose I could see Apple at some point offering a CTO custom anodizing to a color but it would be online only etc just like engraving is now.