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If You’re In Atlanta, Make Sure To Stop By The Apple Pop-Up Museum [Gallery]



The Apple Pop-Up Museum showcases the history of Apple from its inception to today. The exhibit is run by Lonnie Mimms, a tech junkie who has been collecting every bit of Apple gear he can get his hands on for decades.

The museum opened last month, and if you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area on May 18th or June 8th, Mimms will be opening the doors again.

The exhibit is divided into different sections that tell different parts of Apple’s story as a company throughout the years.

A Xerox Alto, the computer that inspired Steve Jobs to make the Macintosh.
Those aren’t typewriters.
Retro swank.
Retro swank.

From the museum’s website:

The Apple Pop-Up Museum tells the story of how a small start-up company, founded in a garage by two young friends, became the leading consumer electronics and personal computer company in the world.

Apple Inc., (formerly Apple Computer Inc.) through innovative research methods, outstanding product design and brilliant marketing, succeeded where many other companies failed. Apple personal computers and consumer electronics popularized new technology into the mainstream, forever changing how we interact with other people and the world around us.

The exhibit displays an exclusive collection of game-changing Apple personal computers and customer electronics products while presenting the history of Apple Inc. since its founding in 1976 to the present. An Apple I and the first Disk II and controller card, as well as an Xerox Alto are among the rare artifacts to be displayed.

Business Insider got its hands on some pictures from inside (seen above), and the exhibit certainly looks extensive. Make sure to head over to BI’s website for more pics512 Pixels also has a great look at the museum, including an interview with Mimms.

Admission costs $10 at the door, and children are free.