Apple And Samsung Going To U.S. Court Twice Over Patents In The Next Year



The patent war between Apple and Samsung has no end in sight. After Apple won a landmark victory against Samsung for patent infringement last summer to the tune of about $1 billion in damages, the court later deducted $450 million from what Samsung owes Apple. The California judge presiding over the case, Lucy Koh, said that the jury miscalculated what the damages should be for the 14 included Samsung devices.

All of the various charges and reexaminations being thrown around mean that Apple and Samsung will be heading to trial in the U.S. again not once, but twice in the coming year.

FOSS Patents says “there will be two Apple v. Samsung trials in the Northern District of Calfornia over the next 12 months: a smaller one in November and another big one starting in March.”

The November retrial will focus on how much Samsung and Apple actually owe each other from last August’s $1 billion ruling. $450 million is up for grabs in terms of what Samsung has to pay Apple on top of the $600 million it is already required to hand over. Neither company can submit new evidence, but Apple can seek additional damages if it so chooses.

In March, a separate trial will examine more patent infringement claims that have yet to be nailed down. Judge Koh wants to keep things confined to only a few patents and newer devices, like the iPhone 5, the second time around.

Source: FOSS Patents