Apple Decides Not To Kill Always On VPN For iOS Devices




Apple has reversed its decision to change the way iOS devices handle connections with Virtual Private Networks (VPN), now that its patent lawsuit with VirnetX has concluded. Earlier this month, Apple said it plans to kill the “Always” feature for iOS devices with VPN On Demand configured, by rolling out a software update that would kill the feature on shipped devices.

Apple proposed that users would just have to use the “Establish if needed” option until an alternative solution was provided via software update, but it looks like Apple may have reached an agreement with VirnetX to keep the “Always” feature on shipped iPhones and iPads for now.

Apple posted the following update to an article on its support site to announce the reverse in decisions:

“Apple no longer plans to change the behavior of the VPN On Demand feature of iOS 6.1 for devices that have already been shipped. The “Always” option will continue to work as it currently does on these devices.”

Apple was ordered to pay patent holding firm VirnetX $368 million late last year for infringing its VPN patents with its Mac and iOS devices.

Killing the “Always” feature for VPN would have made connecting to VPNs a big annoyance for business and enterprise users as they would have needed to manually reconnect to their company’s VPN every time they need to access it.


Source: Apple

Via: ZDNet