Coffee With Tim Cook Auction Reaches $295,000, Breaks Charitybuzz Record [Updated] | Cult of Mac

Coffee With Tim Cook Auction Reaches $295,000, Breaks Charitybuzz Record [Updated]



UPDATE: Bidding just reached $505,000!

Earlier this week we wrote about a Charitybuzz auction that will get you coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. At the time, the auction had reached $5,250, but its estimated value was just under ten times that amount at $50,000.

Just a few days later, the auction has received 68 bids and reached a whopping $295,000 with 18 days still to go. It’s now Charitybuzz’s biggest ever auction.

Until now, the biggest Charitybuzz auction was the chance to spend a day with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, which collected a total of $255,000. Cook’s auction has already breezed past that, and it shows no signs of stopping, with almost three weeks still to run.

At this rate, there’s a chance the auction could reach $1 million before it ends on Tuesday, May 14. That’s pretty crazy when you consider that the winner gets just 30 minutes to one hour with the Apple CEO, but it’s awesome news for The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, which will receive the proceeds when the auction closes.

Source: Charitybuzz

Via: The Verge