WWDC 2013 Tickets Sold Out In Just 2 Minutes


Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.03.04 PM

WWDC 2013 is already proving to be Apple’s most popular event ever. After opening ticket sales for the event a mere two minutes ago, Apple has already sold out.

Cult of Mac’s John Brownlee was trying to get a ticket. He says: “I started refreshing ten minutes before WWDC, and when the tickets went live, I was instantly hit with an error message when trying to login on multiple browsers. So many people were slamming the WWDC ticket page, Apple’s login system just keeled over. By 10:02AM PDT, all the tickets were totally gone. Unless you got lucky, you didn’t even have a chance.”

Apple announced the dates of WWDC 2013 yesterday, but tickets didn’t go on sale until 10AM PDT this morning. That’s a new one for Apple: usually, tickets for WWDC are available immediately upon the announcement of the dates for the conference. This system, however, has been criticized by many developers, especially those overseas, who never even had a chance to get a ticket.

It’s hard to imagine they liked this year’s free-for-all any better. Apple has got to come up with a better system for WWDC. May we suggest a lottery for 2014?

  • liblogic

    Wow. Next year, 30 seconds?

  • Adrayven

    Current news; Apple is doomed!… in other news; Everyone wants to see what Apple does next!

    I vote for a reality show where everyone screams one of the house players is doomed.. but the house player is deff and just ignores them.. and ends up winning the grand prize.. :D