Perfect B&W For iOS Really Is Almost Perfect



Perfect B&W is a pretty great black and white photo app for the iPhone and the iPad (it’s universal). It’s built by OnOne Software, the folks behind high-end (and high-priced) desktop photo apps and plugins, and the results show it: Perfect B&W will let you make a great black and white conversion with one tap, or dig in and tweak almost every aspect of the picture.

Load up a picture from your camera roll (or take one direct from the app’s own full-featured camera) and get to work. You can tweak brightness and contrast, add grain and borders, vignette your pictures and even add blur.

You can also tone the results to add a little color back in, and apply color filters which don’t actually change the color of the images (this is B&W after all) but change the grayscale rendering of colors in the scene: red darkens skies and makes clouds pop out white, green flatters human skin and so on.

The controls are a little awkward, with skinny sliders where big ones should be, and many of the controls offer several buttons on screen, all of which disappear when you select one option forcing you to make two more taps to try another one.

All of this is forgiven, though, for two reasons. One is that you can dig in and edit presets, removing the over-the-top grain or borders from an otherwise perfect preset. The other is that you can save your own presets, something that the otherwise awesome Snapseed still doesn’t do.

Perfect B&W is available now for a whole $2.

Source: OnOne

Source: App Store

Via: The iPhoneography Blog

  • davham

    It doesn’t seem to save at full resolution. Whether you use the built in camera or import a full resolution picture, the final result is around 1200×900 pixels.. This is on the iphone 4