Yahoo! 3.0 For iOS Gets Impressive Natural Language Summaries, Recommendations & More



Yahoo! has been undertaking something of an iOS App Store renaissance lately. First, they made their Flickr app into a bonafide Instragam challenger; then their new Yahoo! Weather app effortlessly fused beautifully wrought weather information with the best photographs on Flickr; and now Yahoo! has updated its iOS app with natural language summaries of all the news likely to be of interest to you.

The new Yahoo! app borrows a lot of the streamlined visual queues of the new Yahoo! Weather app. The app itself takes a river-of-news approach, and allows you to read news stories, share them over social media and so on.

The secret sauce is Summly, a natural language summarization algorithm that scans news stories for you and sums them up succinctly for you, and allows you to tell Yahoo to show more or less stories like that one in the future.

According to Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, Summly is a game-changing technology. The tech was acquired from 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio just last month for $30 million.

You can download Yahoo! 3.0 on the App Store here.

Source: iTunes