Cricket Wireless Cuts Prices On iPhone Plans To Compete With T-Mobile And AT&T



Over the last few weeks, T-Mobile has stolen a lot of the prepaid carriers’ thunder with its new “Uncarrier” plans. But Cricket Wireless is eager to make sure no one forgets about it.

Starting today, Cricket Wireless is cutting the price of its iPhone plans to help it compete against the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T. The new family bundle plan offered by Cricket includes two smartphone plans for $40 each a month. If you just want an iPhone on your own plan, individual plans now start at $50 a month.

With $50 iPhone plan you get unlimited calling and text messages and 1GB of full-speed data. Shell out $60 and you get 2.5GB of data a month, and $70 will score you 5GB.

The new plans replace the old pre-paid iPhone plans that started out at $55 a month. The only catch for the family plans is that they require an Automatic Bill Pay that deducts your monthly bill from your credit or debit card automatically.

Cricket is a unit of Leap Wireless, who was just complaining a few months ago that it hasn’t been able to sell as many iPhones as it originally hoped. While our studies show that pre-paid plans will save you the most money over the course of a two-year iPhone contract, Leap Wireless has found it difficult to stay competitive against T-Mobile and AT&T, giving many analysts the belief that it will have to merge with a larger company if it wishes to survive.


Source: CNET