Griffin’s Amazing Crayola Light Marker for iPad Lets Your Kid Paint With Light


It won’t let your kid paint with light in the traditional, photographic sense — using a light source to burn magical images into a photograph.

Instead, Griffin’s new Crayola Light Marker turns an iPad into a canvas that’s transformed with light — a form of light painting, and just as magical.

The set consists of the Crayola Light Marker, a stand for the iPad and a free companion iPad app. Just point the marker at the iPad’s screen while the app’s running, and it’ll do things like paint in the air to color pages in a coloring book, light up darkened rooms to find hidden objects, and paint in neon on a black background.

In all, there are six separate activities available on the app. Finished creations can even be emailed to grandma (or printed out via AirPrint, if grandma doesn’t do email).

The Crayola Light Marker is $30.